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    Christian Drama Scripts with Life Application for Today!

    Minsky Ministries Presents Christian Drama in the Power and Action of God's Word!

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    A FAMILY HERITAGE is a "RT" Drama, a Reader’s Theater drama scripts are easy; no memorization! RT can also be presented as a memorized drama. This drama speaks of the rich heritage given those who live a godly life, as an example for their family. There are six scenes with poetic recitation and narration: Stubborn Guy; Forever In Your Heart; Mother's Love; My Mom; My Father Watches Over Me, and Father's Inspiration. A clear concise article on Readers Theater explains its' history, value and use, also how to prepare and perform a professional presentation of a Readers Theater script. The writings are complete to perform indepentently or as a whole including all six topics. For up to 6 people & 1 child. Approx 20 minutes.

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    HeartBeats New! A MERRY TIME A delightful contemporary comedy about two church workers, and their children helpers, who find the frustration of busy holidays overwhelming, yet amusing! Church volunteers decorate the church for Christmas with their children. To relax after doing volunteer work at church, the frustrated church workers go to a nativity drive through. There they meet an angel who explains the difference between doing good deeds and serving the Lord. The Gospel message and the true meaning of Christmas become reality, as they discover Jesus their Savior and Lord. Time: Approximately 30-35 minutes; for 6 actors: 1 man-deacon, 2 women-church workers, 2 children, and an adult angel at the church nativity scenes.

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    HeartBeats NEW!

    A MOTHER'S INFLUENCE--A Godly Inheritance" “A Mother’s Influence—A Godly Influence” The positive godly influence of Christian women produces a rich heritage throughout generations. Biblical women and the principles they lived by will challenge and bless hearts through this program. Topics: Women of God, Eve, If God Hadn’t, Honor Your God, Proverbs, A Mothers Love, Servant Mary--the Mother of Jesus, The Widow’s Oil--A Mother’s Faith and Plea for Mercy, Exodus, Father and Mother, Timothy—Keep The Faith, Hannah’s Steps Of Faith. A Mother’s Influence and her Godly Heritage through generations is presented in Scripture Readings, Monologues, Song Lyrics, Poetry, and Bible Rap (poetry with a strong rhythm). “A Mother’s Influence” will instruct, bless, and challenge hearts to serve through Scriptural life application for today. Words will linger in your heart and mind as you are blessed by: "Effective Parenting," "This Same Faith," "Forever In Your Heart," "Little Child" and "Mother’s Love." Dramatic parts can be distributed for presentation for a small or large group.
    Time: Approximately 55-60 minutes. For: 4 people; or parts can be shared with 7-8 people. Cost: $25.95

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    HeartBeats A NUGGET IN THE HAY “A Nugget in the Hay” draws people back 2,000 years to God's chosen people, Israel, at the joyful engagement ceremony of Joseph and Mary as they are bound, as man and woman, to the commitment of a marriage and lives, which will honor God by living the teachings of His Word. This celebration brought joy into the lives of the people, who lived daily under the threat of the Roman abuse. Their pain and faith was realized as they longed for the coming of the promised Messiah. There are two strong scenes depicting the trauma and faith of Jesus’ earthly parents, sharing how God turns burdens into butterflies: 1) Miriam explains to Joseph that she is pregnant, and that an angel appeared to her telling her she would bear the promised Messiah, and her faith accepting God’s call. 2) Joseph contemplates Mary’s love and faithfulness to him and to the commitment they made to become man and wife, as he determines the truth.

    God fulfilled His promise. A vocal innkeeper’s wife vividly shares the story of the birth of a baby in her inn to a couple who claim their baby is the Jewish Messiah! An inquisitive rabbi doubts and investigates the couple’s claim. He searches Old Testament prophecies, which are fulfilled through Jesus’ birth. An analogy is given of Zechariah and Elizabeth and of God’s mercy by performing a miracle by giving a baby to a woman past childbearing years. A shepherd appears who vividly describes the announcement by angels! The evidence weighs into the minds of doubters, who question God’s work. The rabbi and his wife personally check out the validity of Scriptures in the Hebrew scrolls and compare the prophecies to fulfillment in Jesus. Excellent for Christmas season.

    Time: approximately 60-65 minutes. For: 10 Actors: 5 men (Shepherd David, wearing different costume and disguise, can play the Traveler--therefore using 4 male actors); 3 women; 1 angel; 1 youth.

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    This collection of skits is based on the teaching of God’s Word for believers today. These Bible based skits teach how we can obey God and live for His glory in today’s world. This collection is based on Exodus chapters 16-20. Each skit is approximately 5 to 6 minutes long. They are appropriate for adults and mature youth; for 1 to 4 actors:

    1. “Be Satisfied – Don’t Complain.” This relates murmuring and grumbling to relevant living today as taught in Exodus 16. For 4 actors.
    2. “Remember The Sabbath” talks about the believers’ rest on the Lord’s day, as taught in Exodus 20:8. For 2 actors.
    3. “God’s Mountain” discusses Mount Sinai, the mountain of the Lord in Exodus 19 and our responsibility to be faithful servants, obedient to God and His Word. For 3 actors.
    4. “A Wise Guy” teaches how to be more effective in ministry through organization. Exodus 18:13-37. For 2 actors.
    The play "Bible Gem Skits" will be available soon. _____________________________________________________________________________

    HeartBeats N E W Contemporary Drama! CHRISTMAS STAR OF PEACE

    Christmas Star of Peace is a contemporary drama analogy of Mary and Joseph at the Inn and a wise innkeeper who seeks and finds Jesus the Savior. This play shows two families, with different values, who search and find the true meaning of Christmas. The Star of Bethlehem is discussed, and the Christ it led to through faith in Him alone. There are comedy scenes which display delightful honest comedy and warm stirring scenes showing man’s honest search for God. Family Entertainment. Scenes below show rehearsals. For 6 actors. Time: approximately 30-35 minutes. $24.95

    StarOfPeace Jette, Savannah Staf Of Peace Cast, Savannah Staf Of Peace Clyde & Andrew, Savannah

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    HeartBeats COMRADES OF THE CHRIST Your faith and commitment to serve God will be encouraged and challenged through the dynamic lives of early believers as they share and explain their experiences, pain and triumph of faith through monologue scripts: Miriam (Jesus' mother): Planned Purposeful Pain; Rabbi Jarius Daughter: Raised from the dead; Children of Judea (2 boys and 1 girl): Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; Sara: Touched by Jesus. Joseph: Joys and Cares of Parenthood; Thomas the Thief: Awakening; and the Apostle Peter: Shame and Forgiveness--Everyone's heartache. These people walked and talked with Jesus. As their experiences are shared and their responses are revealed, your lives will be changed and you too will be confronted with the claims of Christ. Time: 60 min. For 8 adults and 3 youth. For: 11 actors: 4 men; 4women; 3 youth. Time: 60 minutes. For: 8 adults and 3 youth. Cost: $25.95.

  • Comrades Rehearsal Comrades Of The Christ - Angel: Charles Comrades Of The Christ-3 men Comrades Of The Christ-Tyson Comrades Of The Christ, Youth, HAAF, Savannah Andrea Ft Stewart Comrades Of The Christ, HAAF, Savannah

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    " EASTER READERS THEATER": A treasury of short Easter dramas, poetry, and recitations. This powerful drama teaches Forgiveness, Our Sovereign Lord, Being A Servant Like Christ, The Resurrection, Jesus, The Blessed Hope, and Heaven. Included are Articulation Exercises, Diction Exercises, and an explanation of Readers Theater to aid in developing an excellent speaking voice. It may be presented: 1.) read or 2.) memorized. For 5 or more people. Time: approximately 20-25 minutes. $19.95

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    HeartBeats “EASTER SHORT DRAMAS” : This dynamic selection of seven short Easter dramas teaches the power and hope of Christ’s resurrection. The Drama is complete when using all seven scripts as a whole or when using a selection of the scripts. #1 Easter Gift (2) - Christ Gave Himself Up For Us: Eph 5:2. #2 Gone Forever (2) - Blood Atonement; Witnessing; Eternal Security: Lev 17:11. #3. He Is Risen (1) - Christ’s Resurrection: Mark 16; Luke 24. #4 It Is Finished (2) - Messianic Prophecies/Redemption Complete: John 19. #5 Resurrection Secure (2) - Confirmation of the Resurrection; Saints’ Power Today: Rom 5, I Pet 1:3-5. #6 . The Easter Visitor (4) -If Jesus Visits Your Church: I Cor 12. #7 Resurrection Power (1) - New Person in Christ: II Cor 5:17.

    Included are: Articulation Exercises, Diction Exercises and an explanation of Readers Theater to aid in developing an excellent speaking voice. It may be presented: 1.) read or 2.) memorized. For 5 or more people. Time: approximately 25-30 minutes. For: 1, 2, or 4 actors - male and female. Time: 35 minutes. Cost: $20.95

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    HeartBeats “SOLILOQUY OF MARY MAGDALENE": Mary Magdalene gives a challenging presentation of the reality of the risen Christ as she shares her story of coming from the tomb and meeting her risen Lord. She shares Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Christ Jesus, showing that the Bible is the Word of God. Christ is the king; now we all must serve Him. He is alive! Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah! Time: 15-20 minutes. For: 1 lady actress. $17.95

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    HeartBeats "EYE WITNESS" This dynamic script challenges people to serve God. EyeWitness tells the story of three soldiers who guarded the tomb of Christ. How did the events of the last days of the life of Christ influenced those who knew Jesus? Challenges were presented to believers and non-believers after Jesus was crucified. When Jesus was crucified, there a man who sought a righteous faith through the Christ who rose from the dead! This man was a bold witness to testify fearlessly that the Teacher Jesus is the One promised by the ancient prophets. The marketplace shopkeepers experience the frustrations and burdens of life in Israel during the days of Christ. The people demonstrate their different ways of dealing with the stress and pain of life. Those who seek God come to discover a dynamic life-altering truth--Jesus Is The Christ, The Promised Messiah, and their lives are changed. Christ leaves a lasting impression in the lives of people who turn and seek to know Him. Time approx: 90 min. For 14 actors. Scene: Jerusalem, Israel, during the week of Jesus’ crucifixion. Theme: Sharing the Gospel, and serving the living king. Time: 90 minutes; For: 6 women; 7 men; and 3 youth. $31.95

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    HeartBeats "FATHOMING THE VIRGIN'S PAIN" This drama monologues script presents the life of God’s servant Mary through her life experiences, challenges, and commitment to God. Mary sets an example for believers today. Scenes include her engagement celebration; sharing her pregnancy; Visiting cousin Elizabeth; God’s call on her life; the joys and cares of parenthood; sharing the purpose of her Savior Jesus; confirmation that Jesus is the Messiah; the cross at Golgotha’s Hill; and Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension. For: 4 to 8 women/older youth, or up to 11 women. Time: 60 minutes. Cost: $25.95.

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    "GREENWOOD" A group of young people, with adult youth leaders, goes to Israel on a Mission Trip. They visit three historical Bible sights relating to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This Gospel presentation tells the story of one young man who comes to recognize salvation through Christ alone. At the Garden Tomb he discovers the true meaning of Easter --Christ is God! Humorous parts. Good Bible history lesson. Easy fun script with simple sets. For: 8 youth and 3 adults (or 10 youth and 1 adult.) Time: 30 minutes approx. Cost: $20.95.

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    HeartBeats "HANNAH'S HOSANNA"--MONOLOGUE: This is a monologue drama of a woman who observed Jesus life and miracles. Hannah challenges believers to be a faithful servant to the one true Lord and King Jesus Christ. Time: 15-20 minutes. For: 1 or 2 women. Cost: $17.95

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    This is a youth drama where young people discuss how to honor their on mother’s day and father’s day. They share how their parents and grand parents have influenced their lives by living Biblical principles. Time: 20-25 min. For: 9 young people and 1 adult. $20.95

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    “The Influence Of Time”: This is excellent as a Passion Play. A husband and wife meet Jesus at different times in his life and ministry and are challenged by the life and teaching of Christ. The couple meet Mary and Joseph at Bethlehem’s inn and stable; they listen to Christ teach the Sermon on the Mount; the couple observes Jesus at Calvary's crucifixion; the couple talk with Mary Magdalene as she testifies she has spoken with the risen Lord. The couples’ lives are changed through the years, by the influence of the Gospel and the Son of God. Note: The photos were taken from a TV screen from one of the television productions of this drama.
    Testimony: "Just wanted to let you know we finally did your play “Influence of Time” this past Friday and Saturday. It was an incredible success. It was an excellent play and I now have a kid that has memorized the beatitudes and kids that have learned different scriptures and enjoyed doing it. Thank you for what you do." Greg Layne, KS.

    Note: This play is good year round, to teach the life of Christ. This Play is For 13 actors: 5 men, 4 women, 4 youth. Time: approx 90 minutes. For: 13 actors. Time: 80-90 min. $31.95

    ORDER an electronic (e-mail)copy of THE INFLUENCE OF TIME AT $31.95:


    HeartBeats "JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD “Jesus Is The Christ, The Son Of God!”: Monologues of Mary Magdala, the woman of hope, and her personal testimony of belief and faith in the Living Christ and his resurrection power. For: One actress can play the parts, or it may be divided up among a couple of ladies. For: 1 woman; Time: 30-35 minutes $20.95":

    ORDER an electronic (e-mail) copy of "JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD" AT $20.95:



    “My Hope In Christ--Because He Rose!”: Year round-an Easy Readers Theater Script. The assurance and hope Christians share is presented through well organized readings of Poetry, Scripture readings. Collectively, the poetic readings teach: salvation by faith in Christ alone, the Love of our Eternal Sovereign God, Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified, when He rose from the dead, a believers hope in Christ’s Second Coming, and our Eternal Home in Heaven where the saints will praise God around His Throne. Included: a teaching and explanation on readers theater, an explanation on proper diction, plus 19 diction exercises. This is also effective as a traditional theater. Topics: Faith comes form hearing; Who has ascended to Heaven; “The King Came As A Servant”; 4. “Sovereign Lord”; From The Sun To The Son; He’s Alive!”; “I believed, and so I spoke”; When Jesus Comes; “LOOK UP”; Matthew 25 & I Cor 15, “God’s Throne”. For: 4 or more readers/actors. Time: 25 minutes. Cost: $20.95




    “Off-Sight”: Through the life and testimony of a Christian, you’ll see the Biblical teaching that serving God and ministering to others are the true lasting values which Christ taught us to live. An adult brother and sister have conflicting values. The false riches and value system of the world contrast true riches in Christ. Characters learn what true wealth in life consists of. The godly life of this brother testifies to the truth in Nehemiah 8:10, "the joy of Jehovah is your strength." His Godly living is contrasted thru the material life style of his sister and her world's view that wealth and luxury living are lasting values. She learns they fade away and don't bring peace and joy. This is a contemporary play, in which actors also visualize living in Bible times during the week of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The true Biblical value of serving the Lord is emphasized, as in the quote by an unknown author, "Only One Life, Will Soon Be Past, Only What's Done For Christ Will Last".
    "Off-Sight" offers comedy scenes, to the delight of audiences, as the play leaves a powerful challenge for the cast and audience to use their lives to serve the Lord. For 9 adults, 5 youth. Time: 60 min. A CD of a live production of the musical drama, "Off-Sight" is available with the purchase of one Off-Sight script. Off-Sight" is Excellent For Year Round Use. For: 14 actors: 5 men; 4 women; 5 youth actors. Time: 50 minutes. Cost: $25.95




    “Proud To Be An American -- a Patriotic play”: This is a flag waving drama where you will experience pride in your country America, a love and respect to those great Americans who sacrificed and founded our beloved country, a respect for those who serve their country in America and abroad, the privilege we have to walk and live free, vote, and wave the American flag with respect. The six Americans go to a patriotic parade, waving their flags. They meet an individual who leaves with a new-found respect for America and those who serve their country. Laugh and learn the of the godly men and their great faith in founding America.
    Cast: For: 6 adults or mature young adults--men and women. Time: one-half hour. Simple props. Price: E-Mail Attachment of Electronic Script: $24.95. Price: Printed Script: $37.95.





    “The Passover Sacrifice”: The scene is Jerusalem. It is the Feast of the Passover. The city is crowded. Many have traveled to Jerusalem to make annual sacrifice at the Temple, as God required. The play opens on the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Act I takes place in Rabbi Isaac's home with his family. Act II takes place after the synagogue service, the following day, where the rabbi, doctor, Pharisee, and scribe are discussing the unusual events. On the walk home, a Roman soldier approaches the Rabbi and witnesses of his faith that, “Truly, this was the Son of God.” Act III occurs on the resurrection day when Mary Magdalene witnesses to the rabbi’s family and they search the Old Testament prophecies and determine that Jesus is the promised Savior, the Messiah. For: 6 men, 2 women,1 female, 1 male youth actors. Time: 30 minutes. Cost: $20.95



    "PETER'S JOY AND REGRETS"--MONOLOGUE Peter takes you back to Jerusalem the week of Jesus triumphant entry into the city. Peter recalls the Pharisees challenge to Jesus, the Passover Seder, Jesus’ and His disciples’ prayer time at Gethsemane, Judas’ betrayal, and Peter’s guilt over his denial. For: 1 male actor. Time: 7-8 minutes. Cost: $10.50




    These seven short scripts teach Biblical values, with life application for today. They present a dynamic message presented as a total program, or used individually. Not until we catch a glimpse of God’s glory, recognize His unmerited forgiveness, and realize we are citizens of Heaven can we see clearly and view life in prospective. Then, we know we truly are Headin’ Home to Heaven. These skits will challenge and bless you, make you laugh, and encourage you as you walk in The Way. Topics: 1. Headin’ Home: 1 actor. 2. First Place: 3 actors. 3. Temptation--Common To Man: 1 actor. 4. Another Time: 1 actor. 5. Focus: 2 actors. 6. Boomerang: 1 actor. 7. Lord: 2 actors. Actors parts may be played by women or men. For: 11 parts can be played by 6 to 11 actresses or actors. Time: approximately 35 minutes. Cost: $20.95




    This exciting dynamic story tells of those seeking eternal love. It will challenge hearts year round. A marketplace owner Jules and his sister have conflicting interests. The Zealot Jules is interested in helping his friend’s sister get established in business, after her Zealot brother was killed. Tense stressful life is demonstrated in false value structures, as the strife between Romans and Jews. Jesus speaks to the crowd of people, who seek Christ for varied reasons. The crucifixion day provides hope for those who chose to serve the Lord. The value of Christian commitment to service and the power of Jesus’ resurrection message is demonstrated in individuals lives. For: 15 actors - 10 men; 6 women; 1 youth. Time: 90 minutes. $31.95




    In this a challenging monologue presentation of the reality of the risen Christ, Mary zealously declares she comes from the tomb having met her risen Lord, "Jesus the Christ was the one living example of pure morality, integrity, and godly character. He could live this pure life only because He is God!" Mary Magdalene will challenge you, as she witnesses of Jesus’ crucifixion and the Risen Christ! She relates Old Testament prophecies, which have been fulfilled in Jesus, the Christ, her Messiah. Mary confidently concludes that the one promised by the prophets, the Consolation of Israel, has come. The Bible is the Word of God! Christ is the king; now we all must serve Him. For: 1 adult lady or teenager. Time: 20 minutes. Cost: $17.95



    HeartBeats "WOMEN CHOSEN OF GOD"

    This selection of monologues from Biblical days shows the lives of women of faith: 1. Rabbi Jarius’ daughter. Jesus the Messiah raised her from the dead. 2. Weary Woman of Faith. This woman of hope reached out to Jesus in faith believing, and Christ healed her. 3. Queen Esther praises God for His deliverance through the opportunity and choice He provided. 4. Hannah, Samuel’s mother, had hope in the power of prayer and God’s faithfulness. For: 4 women actors. Time: 35-40 minutes. $20.95